Heart To Heart - Life preserver Lyrics

That's what you are to me
So is it wrong of me to say
That these painkillers are killing you?
You can be the reason someone changes
But you cannot make them change
You can be the reason someone changes
Or they can choose to stay the same
Friendship's been tainted
Since substance took hold of you
I wish I wasn't acquainted
Overnight you traded me for addiction
I wasn't enough to keep you true to conviction
Puppet of a puppet is what I am
Strings are getting tangled
So I'm cutting them
And just because you lead a horse to the water
Doesn't mean you can make him drink
And if you run and dive head first in the water
With extra weight in your arms
You will surely sink
Call me your life preserver
Would you rather sink or swim?
Swallow me whole
Let me take control
I can kill the pain
Rush through your veins
I can be your overdose
There's nothing left to say to you anymore
It's in your hands
The choice is yours