Heart To Heart - See:Sick Lyrics

I need to get this off of my chest
The guilt in my stomach
Regret on my breath
It still makes me sick
Thinking about what I did
You didn't deserve this
I wasn't strong enough
So why did I trade love for lust
In return for broken trust?
Well it wasn't worth it
God I committed this sin
Goes to show that no one is perfect
I played with fire fueled by infidelity
Watched it go down in flames
Saw it go down in shame
Played with the fire that burned down this place
I'm left sweeping up the ashes of mistakes that I've made
I need to sober up
But I just filled my cup
It's safe to say that I'm banged up
The images replay
I should have called in sick that day
Maybe then you'd be here with me
If you could look me in the eyes
And bypass lies
Maybe then you'd see that I'm real this time
I'm not the boy that I used to be
So take a chance, take a chance with me
Leave behind your insecurities
I can give you the world
So come with me
I'd take you to the moon to see
I'm begging please, take a chance with me
I wanted to apologize
It's like my words just don't come out right
These are my feelings
Something you'll probably never read
I just want to tell you
That I'm sorry