Heart To Heart - Someone (Else) Lyrics

You had a cigarette before you fell asleep
How many times can you read the same damn book over and over?
I just dreamed about you, do you ever dream about me?
You’d cover your tracks if it ever was a bad dream
Sit here and sweat, lie in this bed until December comes around
As time goes by I’m remembering how fast life goes by
The things we think are important right now will be irrelevant tomorrow
If I was someone else would you still love every word I say?
And if I was someone else, would you be carried away still?
It’s coming in clear; that blurry picture
The one that you shot the moment you thought that it could get any worse
It can’t get any worse than this
A halo falls around your head like a crown of bricks building up to keep itself from falling
But it keeps bending underneath your will
I had a nightmare about you
Please say you didn’t have the same about me
And if I have to bury myself on this goddamn coast, I’m gonna run straight into the sea
It’s not about you now
If you’re not gonna let me talk I won’t say a word
But how do I get all of this shit out of my head?
You’re not gonna let me say it, like I want to say it plainly because I’d fucking hit the nail on the head
I really wish I was indifferent
These situations you put me in
How could I be so wrong?