Heimdall - Underworld Lyrics

The Trojans arrived at Cumae, in Campania, on the west coast of Italy
Where Aeneas searched for the Cumaean Sibyl, the prophetess. She
Prophesied war and the trials ahead. Aeneas asked for her help during
The visit to his father in the realm of the dead. She told him to give a
Golden bough to Proserpina in order to gain access and to bury one of
His men, Misenus. So Aeneas and Sybil entered the cavern by the lake
Avernus, leading to the underworld. They passed many personified
Evils and monsters. Then they saw Dido and her husband Sychaeus
They also encountered Trojans and Greeks, including Deiophobus, the
Third husband of Helen that revealed how Helen betrayed Troy. Tartarus
On the left way, was descried as a place of suffering and punishment for
Those found guilty by the judge Rhadamanthus. Instead, they turned
Right. Aeneas placed the bough at the threshold of Proserpina and finally
Entered the land of the blessed, Elysium, where the spirits were awaiting
Reincarnation after drinking water of Lethe which induced forgetfulness
There, he encountered his beloved father Anchises…
Walking the shades of the night
Towards an unknown, dark world of fallen tears
Walking through a lonely way
Dismal light like the moon in a grey cloudy sky
Underworld – I have come for you
To hear your voice and your words
Underworld – I have come for you
Watch over your son and bless his soul
Son – I’ll show you what’s your fate
What will be born from your deeds –
Painful and hard
You’ll see the kings of the world
Of the empires to come
They are tomorrow…
Stand by my side along the way
If I fall take my hand
Please be my guide – show me the light
If I bleed heal my wounds
How many wars will be done for the splendour to shine?
How many tears will be poured for the kingdom to come?
Anchises revealed him the distant future and the heroes of that
Future. After leaving his father, Aeneas re-emerged to the world
Of the living, ready to start his journey again towards his destiny…