Henry Canyons - Quiet Tongues Lyrics

“Hey mister, I don’t mean to be telling tales out of school but there’s a fellow in there’ll pay you ten dollars if you sing into his can.”
“I’m not here to make a record you dumb cracker!”
The tongue speaks quietly, suddenly up for hiring
Marginal man unconventional wiring, lying within fine print
Hides the bit who consent and my eyes squint to find it
In the thick of filling in the silence. oh me, oh my it’s
One hell of a time to be alive, broadcasting live, forecasting hinds
The rawest pasteurized, my floors patronized
It’s all patents when I cash in the fattest prize
To caught up in the organized, where’s the chaos?
That’s more where I sort of thrive, my lenses are polarized
Need protection when the solar shines
Awfully high, stand watching as the polar dies
Non-believers, census seems polarized, ideas formalized
The corners storm the forging forward and laying it on the line
Poignant point of view to push it through the author’s eyes
On the rise like a condor on the horizon, flying high in the month of july
As poachers out just before the fire
Purely for the sport of it, don’t see the other side
We survive cause all of our scars were cauterized
There’s no formula, the other origins inside
Prone to get lost in the orbit of my mind
I’m no [?] malone, need my cousin [?]
Feel supported, have a very loyal tribe
That’s what we all need in these turmoil times
Grab some spinach for papa and a [?]
Push the Demagorg aside
Let’s all have a dialogue, I think it’s work a try
Even if not eye to eye, prefer a conversation to a diatribe
The calls upon the balance of art and science combined
Way to soon to realize, got fed up with all the lies
So I hopped in the sauna, released the toxins inside
With nothing but a sigh, compassionate by design
An adamant advocated not to over-sanitize
Our immunity weakens, susceptible to parasites
News is less accessible, now required to advertise
It’s how the larger consciousness remains paralyzed
And that’s paramount to analyze
We’re all magnum PI’s to investigate or magnify
How the [?] Count Dracula and Hannibal
With appetites to cannibalize
I’m very matter of fact in the manner which I handle mine
Don’t bite off more than I can chew, don’t worry my enamel’s fine
Squeezing through a narrow path, never with a narrow mind
Got a habit of blabbing, here’s my tongue as sacrifice
We [?] the land, hear the sirens of the canyons, bye