His Delusional Diary - To Absent Friends Lyrics

So I sit and remember the times we've had
Those memories tend to make me sad
I’ve been told that nothing never ends
So this goes out to absent friends
I've locked away the urge to be with you, my friend
I've locked away the feeling of missing you
I’ve locked away the urge to talk to you, my friend
Because I know it's something I just can't do
I've locked away the pain your absence feeds in me
I've locked away the hole you left in my heart
I've locked away the tears I don't want the world to see
I've locked away the wish our time would restart
So I sit and remember....
I’ve locked away the thoughts that are destroying me
I’ve locked away the urge to just follow you
I've locked it all away, but one day I’ll set it free
Because it will be something I'll just have to do
So I sit and remember...