HL8 - Metro Boomin (Ft. Loose1) Lyrics

I done stepped on my J's like Jessy
Rev that ped then go
1 hand on my waist tryna get me a Headie
I just smashed down O's
I don't do F, be the grub come 10 like Messi
If you trap and ain't seen 10 bags
Let me just sip my tea like Tetley
You gon' mad if you think I lack
Still step with waps, got me feelin' Fetty
Gotta keep one eye open, ready
But I know the paigons won't get me
Cheffy, my knife look far from friendly
Step with the spring in the field
The beef is real, real, real
I just wan' get this d'oh like Homer
Play with the yola, it ain't ideal
Mum hates the life that I'm livin'
I can't stop sinnin', I love that thrill
Everyone chat bout drills
Not once in their life have they made blood spill, spill
Love my stainless steel, steel
Drip too hard like Gunna
Me and runna, you must be ill
You must be ill
Baby girl said I'm boring
Who do you know that trap like this?
She wan' do Netflix
I just wan' press pricks
Buck 'em like texts and make that flip
Balmain zips, I know she's diggin' the rips
I'm diggin' her hips then waist and tits
I'm rollin' equipped, don't slip, don't trip
[Verse 2]
This track Metro Boomin'
Last month I was on basic
This month all of the opps them fumin'
Cah I put couple quid on my neck and my wrist
And the paigons stressed, they're losin'
I don't know nothin' 'bout coolin'
Flyin' shots, now my armpits bootin'
Yes I did it, put the Loose on my neck all froze
Of course it's digits
And I gotta keep that on the low
It's about 10, they're stressed, dispense
And I got that swing for my bro, d'oh
Trainers cost a O
I step in Loub's, that's blood on roads
That's blood on roads
Back with a bang
I was on the landin', swingin' my hands
I don't know about chat
Everyone swing their shank, like luck's put them in the can
And their heart decamps
I done stepped on wings, solo, yolo
Razor blade, I don't lack
And the older dons, they ride Volvo, oh no
They don't wanna buck with man