Icy Pop - Mercy Lyrics

Scream for mercy... mercy... scream for mercy, mercy
[Verse 1]
Time to scream for mercy when feel like shit is wrong and you need to smoke a bong
Screaming for mercy... a day to scream mercy
Like you in Hell, tortured like you need to escape the Hell you in
Sin, a sinner's mercy shout-out goes beyond peoples ears
As they steer through life, you don't know what's like to live a good life
I do... but I'm a violent rapper
I'm lyrically violent, I don't care if I kill in my songs
I'll slaughter people.... make you scream for mercy
Scream for mercy... mercy... scream for mercy, mercy
[Verse 2]
I start to write short now... as I take time to think of rhymes
I find it hard but at times I know how to write as fast as I can with no mistakes and bake some cakes or stakes and I'll fuckin' fuck up people thinkin' they can mess with me, I sin
I'm a lyrical sinner, through the sinner's mind, I'm a sinner you mind
I know I keep saying this but I can't help it... it's like an adrenaline rush through me that's making me violently cuss
A fuckin' old man accused me of sticking a stick up his ass so I fuckin' told him that he's a prick and a loony
Makin' a fool of himself but that's his fuckin' problem but if he says shit to me again, then I'll fuckin' hit him
I don't care if he's ready for a care home
I'll still hit him til he spits out foam
I'll fuckin' make him foam out of the mouth, fuckin' shit face ugly bastard ready to be hurt by me when I meeting him again. the fuckin' dick who is a fuckin' prick
Hit him with a brick, hard on his fuckin' face so he has a face bash
Scream for mercy... mercy... scream for mercy, mercy
[Verse 3]
A bitch screaming for mercy... take her life with a fuckin' kitchen knife
Grate her skin with a cheese grater
Beat her, harder than the Joker beatin' up Batman in the city of Gotham
Fuckin' up a fuckin' bitch due to she fuckin' me up like she got away with it
She thought so but no
You may think I'm saying know... it's Glasgow sounding of words
I'm a Glasgow, fucker readt to hurt ya face harder
Got ya in my trap while I spit out a violent fuckin' rap
Scream for mercy... mercy... scream for mercy, mercy