Iggy Topps - Straight Outta Lakewood (Ft. Moses, Prophet) Lyrics

Come on in, I’ll grab you by the hand and say shalom
But if you’re a woman, then I can’t touch ya
I’ll just use that hand to adjust my Yamaka
Live our whole lives dedicated to the Torah
All we need is God, all that other shit bores us
You may think to kill you is the plan we have contrived
‘Cause no one in this place knows how to fucking drive
Everybody say challah! (for the Blue Claws!)
Challah! (for the Blue Claws!)
Challah! (for the Blue Claws!)
Oy gevalt!
[Verse 2]
Big hats, big beards, y'all might think us little weird
But when we partying in heaven you’ll be shedding tears
Got those pigtails on the side, love it when I curl ‘em
Have ya’ll shoutin “hey man!” all day like it’s Purim
You won’t see us driving Friday nights or Saturdays
Wear suits all year, whether it’s January or May
When we schooling at Yeshiva, you’ll never see us frown
Say Baruch at’a Adonai, let it echo through the town
You homies know how much I’d love to chat and stay
But look at the time, I gotta go and pray
It’s Lakewood, Bitch