Ill-Noize - R.O.D (ft. G) (Ft. [G]) Lyrics

I'm down for my motherfuckas
Talkin' shit, Ima roundhouse you mothafuckas
Close-line, then elbow drop down on you mothafuckas
You pussies think it's funny? Ima clown on you mothafuckas
3 bitches in the 2-door, smokin' on the backwoods, crusin' down Lake Shore
Hit the party 'round 10, don't leave til 4
Then it's back to the crib to turn up some more!
[Verse 1: Ill-Noize]
This my hatin joint, just like Schoolboy
Light another joint, then I hit em with that ill-noize
You pouring all your change into the fountain of youth
I'm pouring out my bank just to wish a bitch would, bark!
So start off on me mothafucka
Here them shots pop off on you mothafucka
Target locked, headshot, on you mothafucka
If you step up in my city with that hard talk mothafucka
Rollin thru these streets with the maestros
All about the come up in my city like D Rose
When you talk your shit, you talk about the past
I couldn't care less, I've moved on from that
Your bullshit don't phase me, I'm gettin it fast
Stackin all this cash, while you sit on your ass
You sound so uptight, like there's a stick up your ass
& when we see you in the streets, we gon' stick-up your ass!
[Verse 2: Ill-Noize]
Stop playin' like I pressed pause
I'll kill you with my bare hands, no paws
$50 dollar drawers to hold my balls
Bitch, I am in effect, no cause, cut your loss
Bang! On these bitches like bass
Stay the fuck out my face, because you're just another rat in the race, still stuck in a maze
Looking for the cheese, like
Cash Rules Everything Around Me!
I'm colder than Lake Michigan frozen over
Honest Asshole, & I'm rarely sober
Red Rover, Red Rover, we swaggin' over here
Send your baddest hoe over!
The New American Dream to live Tax Free!
No Bank Accounts, I got pounds of weed
& a money clip, told your honey, "dip,"
I ain't even want the bitch
Stuntin' for the fuck of it!
[Verse 3: G]