In Dying Hours - All Life Is Sacred Lyrics

In the midst of all these ashes, will you find hope?
Can you find home?
You can't take the fight that's inside me
I won't give up or take defeat
You can't get back what's been taken
Taken from you
You can't take my intentions from me
My expectations soaring high
I will not rest until days end
But still I find a way to strive
I gave my life
You took my life
Now I'll be waiting in the afterlife
You'll dread the day they clear away your dirt
My loss will now become a gain done figuring
The level of affliction for your threshold to begin
Time to show you how these ashes were created
Wasted procreation
Disgracing your purpose of living
Rising from the depths of complete ruin
Is the proof of purity
So in this desolation
Of loss and destruction
A new life begins
A new life begins
For all the time that's been spent
We'll start recreating
A new breed of life
A new breed of life