Instrumentality - Good Enough Lyrics

Who do you call when your dreams don't call back?
But being famous s'posed to solve that
I had to walk when they told me I'd crawl back
How hard can you fall when you never plan to fall back?
A dream differed dies and shrivels
Every dream dies a little
I lost my rainbow when my skittles fell short
Chicken Little gave me my weather report
Cause now the sky is falling
The sky is falling
Tears are falling
Eyes are bawling
These dreams on my back, I swear they weigh a ton
So I left them to dry up with raisins in the sun, one
[Break 1]
When me and Justin were in our sophomore year of high school, we were, um, approached with a proposition from one of the friends of Jay Brown, who's a huge producer at Roc-a-Fella and me and Justin were completely excited, got together all of our music, sent it into him and, so excited, he listened to the first two tracks and said "We weren't good enough." It stings when you have in your head the idea, the thought that you're inferior, that your music or whatever you put your heart into is not good enough. We revolt against that thought.This is a product of a revolution
[Verse 2]
Wake up sweating, wetting my forehead
Poor bed it just witnessed torture
He's in the bed right there
Waking up made the difference
Between a dream and a nightmare
He was rocking the crowd of a million
Now I'm staring at the ceiling
Concealing the stars
And now I'm leaking at the eyes
Wishes he could close them
And the dreams would reprise
Giving up brings dreams demise
When they leave there are no good goodbyes
You're standing where children cry
Where they scream why?
You're standing where dreams die
[Break 2]
Since that time, me and Justin have comprised over 50 songs for our third album, Good Enough. We want not only to free ourselves of that thought, but to let everyone out there who has ever heard that know you're not just good enough, you are simply amazing. So I want everybody, who's ever had that thought to find whatever person, whatever group society or person over you. I want you to grab that person and ask them, look into their eyes and ask them "Am I good enough now?"
[Sample: As Tall As Lions]
Don't be confused
Our love is true
You can tell by the way
I'm looking up
Maybe I'm just tired
Tired of never knowing..
Cause you know I'm not good enough
I know I'm not good enough
I know I'm not good enough
I know I'm not good enough, for you
[Verse 3]
Yo, What's the point of scouts?
They too make their talents doubt their talent
Hit their lungs make them breathe in without air
I'm trying to amount it, the height of the highest mountain
In bed with role model that every Augie Farks out there
Trying to make tracks sell by
Making every sale by
Changing up the style
And repressing the swelter
But its depressing to sell knives
To a country thats been backstabbed
And peel back scabs and ransacked
I guess I'll just be good enough
I guess I'll just be good enough
Yeah I know I'm not good enough
I know I'm not good enough
For you