IP - La La La Lyrics

Tryna make music n maintain full time with out given in
Sittin in. tryna make a bar thats sicker than stars
But the deepest of meanings are outweighed by jewels n cars
N I ain't got that… so I ain't got that
Kids only wanna see the fake shit, n hood crap
N im not that
N I ain't rich.. n I ain't hood so they like fuck that
They just wanna hear hood raps n see buff tats n I ain't got looks man
But mans getting a fan base
Nice events at high places
Tryna get my bars to a high stage
Where people actually care about my name man
Finally figuring what mans fake
And knockin out like Rampage
Lifes starting to seem brighter
Like am finally taken off of my ray bans
Raybans wowzah
Girls now wanna be getting in trousers
Which is a shock to me
Coz its took 18 n half years for me to fuckin found this
Am on my 3rd block, finally finishing rounders
Kinda wondering how does my life improve inches every time when my sound does
But I ain't got all day so let me kill this one off nicely
Gone through pigs and dogs now finally finding wifeymaterial
Maybe coz im goin through packets like cereal
Dyslexic but still writing bars till day of my death and berial
Ever ever ever ever since these shows have come along
Fake girls wanna blow.. me x2
If we go back a back a back 2 years ago
They didn't wanna no.. me
Knowinn im gunna keep blownin up
Girls gunna wanna be blowin me up
But I keep blowin them down
Like the buildings thats getting blown up blown up blown up
I feel sorry for blown up stars with there
Faces blown up on billboards n followed by grown ups
AHHHHHH they need to GROW UP
But thats getting off topic
My status keeps on raisin like topics
N tropical girls are wantin to get up tops
N I no I should just stop this!
But its hard to say stop to a girl that dont know what stop is
Stop is something that I ain't gunna be doin
Keep progressin forgetting fake people directin to ruined
My game is above them so im not dropping down to there level
N haters are just irrelevant to me coz they just be other listeners n video view to my selling
Product… star … studded
Bar… stuck to..
Alcoholic .. love it
But around of all these snakes I need to keep my snake in pockets
Before I find myself spending thousands on rights n terrible baby shopping
Liven my life the way.. a wanna
Hopin to a find a day,.. in summer
Chillin in a penthouse nice weather
Nice girl on my side that actually wantsta.. be there
Hopin one day we can be there
This mixtapes my ticket to feed it
Driven on forward like scenic
To find somewhere thats scenic for me mernn