Isbir Leigh - Bittersweet Ignorance Lyrics

Its been a year
Since grandma had herself a stroak
Through all the tears
I still be snappin on my folks
What is it? fear?
I thought my shadow was a ghost
Now, what the fuck
I'm supposed to do?
Oh shit how
You let anger take over you?
Oh sick child
Things ain't getting easy for you
Dark thunder clouds
Hover above you when you spooked
I ain't never been here before
In another world
"Sir, do you smoke weed?"
That's what they ask a nigga
When i walk pass em
After blunt passin, I'm just tryna relax
Because the stress is everlasting
My eyes so red and low
You tell me sir
FUCK do you think?
I can't help it
I'm a buddha abuser
I stay stoned as if
I'm staring in the pupils of Medusa
1st Verse:
Some days I daze
About how things done changed
Ain't nothin been cool since
Anger and pain to my brain
Mom say I'm a nuisance
I can't be tamed when I rage
I need me a new sense
On how to behave at my age
Pops droppin his 2 cents
Pick up ya change you lame
You pussy, ya too sensitive
Staying away, from raising the Crazed
Ain't it a shame?
Can't get away
From bad karma
There's some beautiful guilt you can take to the grave
Don't we all though?
It's fucked up, it's who we are though
Like when Gif was dying
No good-bye
I could've called though
Never consoled Granny Jackie
Who's filled with sorrow
No "so sorry, i promise
I'll call you back tomorrow!"
Why do we hide the side of us that's hideous?
Like when I payed for sex
Then blamed [name censored] for chlamydia
Or when I yell at my Ma while
My baby sister's in her embryo
No wonder my step-daddy calls me an idiot
2nd Verse:
See I'd be lying
If i told you psycolcibin
Didn't open up
A silly side of my psyche
Society silently, rewinding psychology
On your mind, and y'all don't mind it
You hide it, open 3rd eye lids
Read between the lines
Lungs filled with haze
Hearts pumpin with the
Blood of a slave
It's kinda obvious
Ain't nothin gone change us
Ya dealing with
Something so dangerous
Go head and sleep on me muthafucker
Suffer paralysis, feel a bad presence
And you can't resist
Verbal catalyst
Standing over ya bed side
While I'm rapping this
You can't handle it
Ya panicing, stiff as manikins
Crack ya wind pipe
The air you can't gasp it in
Ya graspin to ya last chance to live
Ain't no chemo for cancerous thoughts