Isla Grant - Mother Lyrics

The twinkle in my Mother's eyes
To hear again her gentle voice
And have her hold me when I cry
If only she could be here now
To help me free my troubled mind
I wonder if my mother knows?
Although I've tried - no peace I find
It seems a hundred years ago
That when I'd cry she'd wipe my tears
And just like magic when I'd fall
She'd be right there to calm my fears
Oh Mom, If you could only see
The hurt and pain I'm going through
I must have cried ten million tears
Since the tears I cried when I lost you
I know you're never far away
I almost feel you close to me
Oh how I'd love to hold your hand
Your loving smile, I'd love to see
But in my heart, you're still alive
I think about you everyday
Oh Mother dear, why did you die
And leave me here so far away