Jack G - Royalty Lyrics

Put the crown on my head, let me take you to my bed
Let me go inside of you, you know Versace on my bed sheets
Something about that make you leak and I be Elite
I am Royalty, I am on the throne, glistenin like a stone
Ice on my face, I am a throne, everyone know I'm so on
JackG, crown me, this crown is to big for your head
These boy's got small heads, small leds, I got big head, big meds
Peppa Pig Mitradex, Oooh I'm the Royal Commander
Reverend remander, skrrrrrr, you know JackG the royal definition
Everyone wanna eliminate him, they started a petition against JackG
They said JackG we need you to leave the streetz
Well I'm royalty so i'm in my palace, royalty
You don't get it do you lil b
The time it take to diss me you could never diss me
I'm royalty, I'm a king, I'm a star of the show
Do you not fancy hoes, know who I be
Stop my crown going in like 423
Crown me, crown me, crown me, everyone gon crown me
I got paparazzi surrounding me
I am the nations Hottest Boy, crown the boy, crown the boy
I'm the hottest boy, no boy on my level not even nearly
2018 Mr Grummett coming in these streetz, 2018 the royalty of these streetz
I'm the royalty, royalty so much royalty
You see me don't you having the royal life, I live the royal life
I'm JackG