James Aidan - Indisputable Lyrics

That ol' Big Daddy Kane shit
Uh, ayo
I’m blocking MC’s like my crush did to me on Snapchat
Flashback to when I fell in love at the snack shack
Untie my shoelace, took me to a new place
I thought she wanted me, turns out she was two-faced
I ain’t pleased but that’s okay, I’m just a dreamer
But I’ll never say never like Justin Bieber
Wait, that’s how I got bullied in middle school
Those times were pitiful, I thought that shit was cool
But now I’m at my pinnacle, tryna clean up the mess
I must confess to crush the stress
I ain’t taking an L like Russ
I don’t know who the hell to trust, but if your shit smells, I’ll flush
I’m making up for all the shit I did in the past
But that don’t mean I’m gonna stop kicking some ass
I’m spitting the facts, so you oughta keep your mouth shut
Now what are you gonna do when I sprout up?
Fight without nuts? Sucks to not be me
It’s easy, I swear I’ll burn you like a CD and then air it on TV
I’m giving MCs like you a sudden seizure
No justice, no peace, and I’m ready to bust the heaters