James Jackson - Pop Me Off Lyrics

[Verse 1: James Jackson]
Ok now Pop Me Off on my paper
Watchin y'all with my hater-
Blockas on
And I'm not alone
But my Glock at home with my neighbor
That's that bad bitch on my porch
And she holdin down my fortress
While I roll around in my Porsche
And recoup and count my fortune
Move through and I please hoes
Come up out skirts when I'm in town
Look for me and my where abouts I'll most likely be with my N-Crowd
Small World my team trick I'm a asshole for my green shit
Get cash flow, hit daddy mode, to take care of those that I scheme with
Always on that brand new and I'm head first like shampoo
Ten toes down like damn shoes and I flow hard like bamboo
Ask about me you ain't know what's up
The show packin' out that ain't know it was us
We left fleur-de-lis for that Tour de France and they going ham when we board the bus
Old house - boarded up, add that to my real estate
I'm peeping homie, sleeping on me but I keep a song in my pillow case
And up the sleeve and under the couch
Tucked underneath you keep runnin' your mouth
I might thrust the heat and put one in your mouth
So I can give a nigga something he can mumble about
For them tens (tens), twenties (twenties), fifties and them hundreds (hundreds)
Fuck all them excuses nigga hit me with the money
Front and center let me see it (see it)
Cause I'm about a dollar
I don't even pay attention unless its decimals and commas
Time to Pop Me Off with that paper (paper!)
Pop Me Off with that paper
Time to Pop Me Off with that paper (paper!)
Pop Me Off with that [repeat 4xs]
Time to Pop Me Off with that paper (paper!)
Pop Me Off with that [repeat 2xs]...
[Verse 2: James Jackson]
Pop Me Off on my paper
Cause I got a lot involved that I pay for
Like stocks and bonds that I ate from
Or my socks and drawls that's so playa
Or my soccer moms that sport A-cups
What you wanna upgrade a few alphabets
Cause she insecure about sexin' me cuz her breasts won't even poke out the dress
I'm like heffa please cause your mouth the best
Don't be on that bullshit
I know we 'bout to sin so can you point me to the pulpit
I been tryna change, why am I so selfish
It's a battle from within and I promise I can't help it
Word to God (gawd)
I just wanna live and enjoy it
But it's more snakes than before
And I gotta deal with that poison
Learned the skills of a lawn man
I do my own landscape
And it's still self employment so it ain't shit that they can say
I'm my own man, do things and I feel like
If it feel right if you say please and you real nice
It won't change shit cause I still might
Fucking well right don't get this shit twisted
I'm on that Lortab prescription but I'm still killin' you bitches