Joey Jones - Catalyst Lyrics

First you spit a poem, then you're spitting two
There with Mr. Sandberg, everyone in class
Ain't no hesitation, foot is on the gas
Now you catching glimpses, spirit in your soul
Lyrics of endearment, fire in your flow
Then the deconstruction, recipe of self
Friendships at the limit, Heyen there to help
Bombs are louder than a, chance at second place
Anna was the winner, I was saying grace
17 I'm turning, shit was getting heavy
Family bridges burning, I was not ready
Back and forth I'm writing, forth and back I'm reading
Back and forth we fighting, forth and back I'm screaming
18 saw the manifestation of most my demons
Weight lift every day cause the pain was better then bleeding
All I really needed, notebook and a pen
Give your boy a beat, he will show you zen
Poetry reloaded into a pistol at whim
Crystallize like Lindsey Stirling's old violin
Violence was the rhythm, spill my heart with the ink
Power to all the cowards, cowering in defeat
Writing with all the timing designed to be infinite
Writing all of the secrets my mind had refused to keep