Joey Jones - Proof Lyrics

These beautiful masterpieces while able to keep composure
Not supposed to get this A1 until I'm much older
Young and reckless, breaking world records
No one's more bolder
Make America great again, but that's made in China, wait
Bright like light at the end of a tunnel, I'ma find a way
Feeling some type of way, your mind is trapped into cyberspace
Teacher become the student, that's how our pupil's dilate
Diatonic, do re mi fa so la ti
Don't try to harness, skills that you ain't got
These bars were sent from a higher calling
Diabolical rhymes schemes I plotted in my apartment
Louder than a bomb, dropped the mic in Pearl Harbor
Rumplestiltskin, 28 inch Brazilian
Real recognize real, and you looking unfamiliar
Smooth criminal, move subliminal like in milleus
I can turn pillars of salt into my pavillon
Do ti la so fa, I'm the opposite on my rocket ship
Blasting of the top, I'm a pepper we keep it popping shit
Locked into this state of mind, barely stopping for oxygen
Self asphyxiation, I choke myself from my awesomeness
Send myself to realms metaphysical just to give to you
Prophecies and parables like my lyrics were biblical
So when I awake from the trance that I often get into
You can witness the vision materialize, literal
It's like...people always doubt what you're capable of
Until, you blow them out of the water, you know?
For me, I was never that guy to just go around trying to prove stuff
Cause honestly it just shows insecurity to me...
But at the same time, it's
How many times do I gotta prove this shit to y'all before y'all FINALLY understand?
Like I really do this bro
I'ma make y'all look goofy as hell trying to out rap me
I'll turn a carnivore vegan and have him swallowing flax seeds
Whicho crusty lip-boat deck-neck looking ass
Whicho teenage mutant-daddy was a rat looking ass
Whico I'ma ____ yo _____ but never cap looking
These niggas never seen a graduation cap looking
Whicho "I can't read for shit, but I can rap" looking
Man let me stop before I start speaking the facts on this track