Joey Jones - Welcome Lyrics

I'm in the zone so if you're frozen
It's cause my whole zen and flow spins that cold when I go in
Trying to make you jump like Shonen
Last ronin, relaxed poet attack lotus
The last POTUS was black, oh shit
The facts noted, my swag toted
On the back of my black shoulders, the cops noticed
They opps told us the block is hot
Trying to get pops to stop rolling
I'm holding off from taking shots in the dark
Light beams they blind me
I'm too kind I try to do the right thing
But night flings, me into an abyss
Remiss of the old days, my old ways
Ain't giving me no play, so hey I guess I gotta change
The range of my past is replaced by my acts
Pass that, I'm a lyrical acrobat
Somewhere in between, too mean and a poetry fiend
Low and behold, molded by the old shit
But motivated by patience and peace
Elated to say it, I'm glad that I made it to 22
Cause none of you, really know what I've been going through
Use to ride my bike in thunderstorms to get to school
Put every girl that I thought that I loved on a pedestal
Never getting why, I kept getting shitted on
But now it's written done, playing the games
Taming the pain, redirecting it into positive vibes
That's my specialty, yeah, that's how I'm staying alive
I'm trying to thrive, killing these demons all in my mind just to shine
So never mind all the haters, I'm getting my paper right
Dragon slayer with the halo sight
343 no scopes, I weaponized hope into a lesson
Encourage my brethren to better
Learn from your mistakes
Never play it safe
Always tell your truth
Never keep it fake
Watch out for the snakes in the grass
Watch out for the rocks and the glass
Watch out for yo girl trying to smash another dude up under you
Cause hook up culture ain't fucking cute
It's ugly and rude to be honest
Nudes are thot problems
Choose to use knowledge
Don't abuse the true college of hard knocks
Cause dark spots have a tendency to enter peace
Opposite of entropy
Harness your energy and focus on entering
A mind state, that might take you
From feeling blue, to feeling amazing
Whatever you do, just don't waste it
The time is now
With crime at an all time high
Much easier to kiss the sky, yeah
I miss the times where family came first
Burst into tears from years of estranged births
It gets worse as time goes on
That's why I'm trying to
Blow up like hydrogen bombs
It's the confusion of fusion
The illusion of success to society
Properly managed and you'll balance out like higher beings
Reading the hieroglyphic message
Born to be eclectic
Artist with a heart that's kinda reckless
Checking off the checks from my checklist
Hecklers don't give me the privilege of breakfast
Make a cold blooded killer more hungry
Is the last thing that you want to do in my company
Come on a run with me
Psychologically, I'm the embodiment of thunder
You wonder when you hit the shore
Wonder what I'm missing more
S'mores or snores forced to be heard
Course to be worthy you gotta get dirty
The scars are a part of the journey
Learning to be heard and not seen is a talent in its own way
Invisibility stealing heat with the feng shui
There's no such thing as a dumb question
The more that you ask, the less you will be lesson-ed
Cleaning your rhetoric up, veteran letter man on the scene
King of phraseology, my apologies for the randomness
Top of the dome so if you can't handle it
Press pause and let God, help you stand under
I'm the 8th wonder of the world magnificent
Splendidly intricate and mentally intimate
I never imitate, you hyperventilate
Cause I'm actually the winner of the chicken dinner
Equip rhymes til I rip the fabric of space-time
Like Shady did 8 Mile, so timeless
Don't stand still, this verbiage is my gift
Fly under the radar, like a quasar
Never spitting sub par rhythms
Hit em and attach
Eddie Brock, that's venom
The G.O.A.T. symbiote
Music is the host
Supplying the very many hope
Accidentally, I became the greatest
Never needing more cause I already made it