Joey the Jerk - Same Dark Sweater (Ft. Pigeon John) Lyrics

Should I go, should I leave, need space to breathe
So I just gotta walk away
I don't wanna let go of you but my heart says to
So I just gotta walk away
I know I told you I'd stay but things have changed
So I just gotta walk away
I miss you, I just wanna kiss you and make it okay
But I just gotta walk away
[Verse One: Pigeon John]
Old friends become new, new become old
False becomes true, truth becomes mold
Mold becomes fruit, fruit becomes spoiled
The spoil becomes soil for seeds to unfoil
We live and they die
We laugh and they cry
We ying and they yang
They judge and they fry
They fall and we fly
They doubt and we try
They free and we hanging, the pains in our eyes
Don't wanna grow up, I wanna remain a pup'
Barely walk and still be falling on my throw up
And it's cool because I'm young I'm allowed to be dumb
But now that I'm older I get the cold shoulder
I do shows in front of 15 year olds
And I act just like them and I wear the same clothes
But I gotta grow up now
That's what I be telling myself
But I'm not listening too well
[Verse Two: Joey The Jerk]
At first I thought I loved you
Maybe it was just infatuation
Hanging on your every word, we was creating
Wonderfully ill relations
Sadness, frustration
That action of chasing joy, anticipation
What could I be facing?
Such a situation needs no explanation
Beautiful sensation
My sentiments exactly
Sacrifice my life, thought you would make me happy
And you did
Just like I knew you would
Enjoyable experience from the bad to good
I could stay, but think we need some time away
If it's real, then God will bring us back one day
I don't wanna leave you I just need to be true
And I wanna see you without being deceitful
That's the best thing
And that's how I feel
We kill imaginations to keep our dreams real