Kali Masi - Long Term Lyrics

And an Atlas moth tucked in your waistband

We’re doing the rain dance, wishing we were famous
Both take their payments, so keep cupping your hands
I’m not alone but lonely
, I thought you’d never ask

You left the pines of your home for the palm trees
Now you pine for the palms of your friends
(Branching, Bowing, Bent)
Now nobody kicks me when I’m up
 or drags me down
Fuck ‘em all

Look how young we’ll always be!
We’ll never tell how old it’s been getting
We’re like paintеd frost on plastic trees
Just chilling, How about you?
It’s three blocks to your new spot, but I never see you
If Summеr never slept I’d still Fall for you
I’d swim all the C’s in succinct– that’s Long-Term Abuse
(Saved but never spent)
And nobody saw me get back up after you left town
You euthanized my will to fight and understand
The leash outlives it’s dog
You’re tattooed into my waistband
Gaslit by your own lamplighter
The happy medium predicts he’s a fucking liar
I’m not afraid
To be alone
I’m not ashamed
To be consoled
You say this isn’t what you paid for and you’re right

But that’s not the point, cuz someone somewhere tied your cape too tight
I’ve walked umbrella-less through the nights it was raining to find:
-The brightest parts of life are in living
-There isn’t anything I wanna keep hidden
-True friends are hard find

So black umbrellas go up and it’s raining
We’re gonna let you down
I wouldn't mourn it if it wasn't worth saving
I’m gonna watch you drown
To the phone calls that I won’t get to ignore:
Rest your Claustrophobia I’s
They’re desperate to find their consonants