Kashgar - Scent of Your Blood Lyrics

Pretender to the throne
Utter your poisoned speech
Hate and envy
Spread like the wings of our Karga’a
Oh solstice winged
And like the karga’a
My hoard in winter thrives
Picking clean the skulls
The eyes go to the guest of honour
Steel beaks clash in the snow
I shift the night
The hero’s end
Transform this clan
To a widow’s den
Crush your skull from behind
You take a bolt to the face
Leave the hero to die
Revel in the disgrace
I’ll rip your fucking spine
Galaxies of eyes swirl
Reflected in mine black
Pitted and bloodshot
The breath comes slavering
We pour from above
Taking Tash Rabat
Paradigm from hero to oblivion