Kazi (@kazi) - She glowin (kazi remix) - chow mane Lyrics

Whole lot of people jack it but they illegitimate
All the lil fake acting got me really really sick
If you looking for the facts then I'm really really it
Half Chinese, Italiano and Irish
Mixed boy swag got me flyer than a pilot
Big New York state of mind, that's the mindset
Go and get some money don't you worry bout what I get
Pops from Brooklyn and my mom from Queens
Bitch it's in my genes and they raised 4 kids on Avenue C
Only "L" I ever took was across 14th
I was 18, I was working in the club
Late night shifts I was tryna make a buck
Now they play my shit every time I pull up
If you really from the city then you know they show me love
One night I was up on Wythe
I don't gotta say the venue man you know where I was at
Lil shawty on the floor wanna take me to the back
So we headed for the door to post up in the section
I was lowkey I ain't feeling like flexin
Took a lil shot and I told her I would get one for her
She said "ima catch up on the next one"
Ordered a water and that's when I seen
She was GLOWIN!