Kiid Scoob - Success Is My Cologne Lyrics

That’s why I couldn’t think small with the mind of a midget dawg
I’m a kill it dawg, word to my nigga
I’m flat out hot like a muthafuckin griddle
Nigga go figure, my minds on the figures
Cuz I’d be slippin by trippin on these women with them figures
At least right now, cuz I gotta get it
My potential with the pencil gives is a shot no pistol
To better living the ghetto never was giving
So niggas squeeze metal for medals like the Olympics
And niggas who be slippin eventually come up missin
You gotta to be clever if ever you want to get it
Cuz Life’s a bitch and a tease
When you're seeing everything that you wanted on them screens
So close, yet so far away
I’m on the hunt for them hundreds and the money is my prey
Grindin’ all day, all work no play
Living scene from my dreams while I’m still wide-awake
So I don’t feel y’all I’m fulfilling dreams
Top chopped off like the whip was guillotine
That’s what I’m seeing in the future
Law of Attraction, that’s how to use it
Treating goals like grocery list
Because I’m going to get the cheddar, the lettuce, the bread and the chips
But my rhymes is the shit, so I gotta act an ass
HigherCreed leader, baby I am chief of staff
Shoutout to Cal, Blaine and Young C.Loe
I’m screamin Meal Ticket with my scope on them C-Notes
Dope like a needle full of heroin
I’m finna blow self destruct like a terrorist
I was so broke, couldn’t even pay for Dennys
Bitches used to show me pitty and now they wanna show they titties
And I love it so I let her
Then I tell her give the whole crew neck no sweater
Shit change for the better, blowing up like ballons
They should play the rocky tune when I walk into the room
Eye of the tiger, a nigga finna bloom
These niggas saying they sick but to they tunes I’m immune
I’m out of this world
So walking in my shoes would be similar to walking on the moon
And I don’t mean to brag but you're talking to that dude
That nigga named Scoob is a muthafuckin fool
And any nigga rappin' is some muthafuckin' food
If you fuckin' with the crew all you niggas getting chewed
The money's coming soon
We out here paying dues, they calling it an illusions like I'm fuckin' with the shrooms
My niggas finna win, you niggas finna lose, so when you look me in the face
Know you're looking at your doom