King Kapisi - Graveyard Shift Lyrics

This is the graveyard shift
I see your name on the list
This is the graveyard shift
See you soon, catch my drift
[Verse 1: King Kapisi]
I need to get under your skin, like scalpels and leeches
I'm on your best creatures
No matter how good your reach is
You from the street kids
I don't give a shit (uh)
We'll never cement
Paid role close by you dick (yeah)
Willis the suburbia, our kids'll murder ya
You say you underground, but my style be dirtier
Show me the pictures, LA to Serbia
Words spread like wildfire, noone's even heard of ya
Like the Grim Reaper, I'm taking your lives
Like Rambo part 1 with my bigass steak knife
Camouflaged with mud, you bastard do or die
Once you against the mac, and now you acting all fly
I'll cut you, hunt you, confront you
Tie you up in the back of my truck for a month or two
Burn the record store with your tracks in it
This is my life's [?], did you win it?
[Hook: King Kapisi] x2
[Verse 2: King Kapisi]
It's like the world is anorexic, so I force feed my music
Triple my night shifts, the whole world's in a crisis
I'm ruthless, set the ground at every process
Highly abusive (shut up!) you naggy nuisance
Knocking you toothless, you silly oofers
I'm like Morpheus and the training program for The Matrix (illusive)
Your raps are toothless, I see your every movement
Pay your dues, kids, the caps'll rhyme declusive
Revolutionist with no restrictions
Phil might remember, I don't think it's restricted
Fake music critics hype industry illusion
Home intrusion, where flex caps conclusion
Your rhymes are oridinary, my rhymes polyphic
All teared up on son of the Pacific
We're taking over with this message booming
This is your eulogy, don't it sound soothing?
[Hook: King Kapisi] x2