KLEVAH - The Product (Ft. Truth) Lyrics

I could give a fuck about yo authority
I understood the system get you caught up
I lost my fuckin moms before i learned to read
My daddy did the best i hope he proud of me
Even doe he know i smoke the loudest tree
My bad im da baddest jus know the crowd love me
Imma lead a rebellion until they bow to me
Mama B you know i hold u down girl...
We got our disagreements but too much distance between us
Bumpin heads since teenages
Been feelin locked in these cages
Been breakin out of em lately..
Been Breakin down in the bakery
That product that grown up that clover, that pot
That stove up that roll up that slow up, we cop
Them handsup no hand-outs just hands on, thats clock
New circuit thats full service that’s full circle, thats crop
T.R.U.T.H (verse 2)
Sumthin bout the pain when ya Pops leave
So all dis patriarchy can’t mark me
No penile still go wild, excuse my lack of apology
But they don’t know the Queen I was from
All on her own, hope she loves wat I become
Even though she know I smoke the loudest tree
I tell her I’m tryna get closer to the Sun
Mother Nature’s the strain, I think we got one
We got werk sealed in da envelope
Through the package u smell it’s dope
But keep da hands clean, came out the womb w/ a bar of soap
My wounds make me scared of folks
I assume u a smile & some good jokes
Scooby-Doo, costumes & some heavy smoke
So keep passin’ til ya friend stops laughin cuz dem lights start flashin
The results could be tragic, feel like u high off acid, hide wat u been maskin
I’m no longer askin, don’t miss dis classick
T.R.U.T.H (verse 3)
Sumthin bout gettin naked make u feel free
I hope u closed ya eyes & u thought of me
I’m sorry, I’ll be quiet & jus sip tea
Thought freedom was lovin yo whole identity
Cringe at catchin reflections, so I kno pain
The ones dat call me vain don’t know a thang
Everyday it’s a strain tryna break a chain
Think I’m focused on da fame, but I maintain
Put a ring on insecurity, so u kno it’s real
Dey still slide in DMs, I see no appeal
Shorty say she like my vibes, but I don’t kno da feel
Yall snortin’ every line, dis werk here give u chills
Who really ready for exposure?
Compose enough dope werk to get us closer
Life is a battle, we da soldiers
So put da ills on ya shoulders & take over
Sumn bout the way that I was brought up
I could give a fuck about no authority
Black power fist balled up
And they don't give no fucks bout no minority Unless it's about a dollar or you fit the category and they follow your every move -- back n forth
Sick of seeing black and poor
Out In traffic, they attackin don't attract the pork
So What the fuck we askin for?
Why the fuck we lack support?
Why we so distracted lord?
What u think should matter more?
Black, lives or a fuckin black friday sale...
Usually buy the shelves, brothers get bodied still, by the shells, by themselves
By the same system ...
And The same senseless violence - they been whylin willie lynchin