Knocked Loose - The Rain (Ft. Dallas Garris) Lyrics

You always found your escape
I was fighting for love
A love you abandoned
Turned your back on heaven's gates
Became blind to the end that awaits
And I can't pretend
That we're born with a destination
The end will find me
Full eclipse
Fade to black
Heaven sent
The end attacks
Running from the only promise made
I'm still counting down the fucking days
And you can try to make things up
But lost time was just way too much
A sentence revoked from choices you've made
You've taken your chances
You won't be saved
The sky rains tonight
Pick your fucking side
The rain brings fear
The end is tonight
The rain brings fear
And it burns my skin
The rain brings fear
And it burns
You always found your way out
There's no escaping this
The sky rains eternal
And it burns my skin