Kristjan - Lullaby Lyrics

This is a lullaby lullaby
For my doubters
This is a lullaby lullaby
For my haters
[Verse 1]
Some people do wonder why am i so angry?
It is because you come against me
With your disbelief
Trying to infect me with your misery
Me and you do not share the same values obviously
So if you think you can disrespect me
I'll give you title "peace of shit nobody"
And i don't feel sorry
Later you little people will follow me beg me
For forgiveness
Anyway because you can't take the stress
My attitude reflects yours
And i can double the force
Like amplifier
Im a kshatri going with a fire
While you perform irresponsibility
At first they talk shit on me
Cause they lack the lead over their destiny
Im feeling happy while they feeling their jealousy
You know i have been told
That i am in no power to control
My events which will follow
Yeah there may be some truth indeed
But do not dare to tell me that i am weak
You don't know shit about me
Where ive been
What ive seen
Cause im a soldier actually
Breaker for stereotypes
And rebel for misery
That some people wanna inject in me
So badly
So that's normal if i don't follow default scheme
Which is trapping humanity
Oh shit im not accepted between depressive bitches
Shit should i feel now depressed?
But i think i leave that shit
Cause i enjoy success
You wanna compete?
But i warned you already that competition ain't healthy
But still you wanna throw your anger on me
But i may be angry too
Angry like a lion and make you look cute
Hello kitty
I know you pussy
Cause shit you stuck in it demands a person pussy
Someone who can't say no
So you fucked in your survival mode
While im doing dope hip hop and feeling dope
This is a lullaby lullaby
For my doubters
This is a lullaby lullaby
For my haters
[verse 2]
Many situations ive been
Would kill you instantly
Sometimes literary and sometimes no
But fact is that i have found a gold
While you can't handle the business
Im spitting the hardest
Shit that is illest
Blowing up the spot already in soundchecks
My shit i so hot like a food in a tex mex
Instead to simply pay respect
You disconnect your intellect
Called Kristjan disabled
As a proper puppet for your resentment
Even tho i have a minor glitch
On body side left
You wish me to be discriminated
Cause sheep was once told that Kristjan should be hated
Yeah it may be that i am not that well placed
In a local rap scene hierarchy
However when people see me on the stage
They are amazed
That i can't move
But i can make that mofucking crowd move
And that's what dope mc is suppose to do
Despite of all the shit he is going through
He will do what he has to do
You know i've been in trouble for a countless times
But you can't burst me like a bubble like a powerless minds
Which apply for victim philosophy
Fuck that shit its not for me
And also fuck you
If you do believe in theory that i am weak...