L. Roy Jetson - Zoning (freestyle) Lyrics

I'm zoning, I'm zoning, I'm zoning on you niggas
I'm zoning, I'm zoning, I'm zoning on you niggas
[L. Roy Jetson Verse]
It's Jetson, How the fuck you doing?
Sticking to the track like the hair that bitches glue in
You niggas flip-flop and that's why I'm a shoe in
That's right I'm on a mission, time to bring the crew in
For family or money, I'll knock a nigga head off
Tote that heavy metal when I rock it (rocket) they gon jet off
So any track I get on, it's only right I get off
So if I want you dead, Why would I call the hit off
Bad to the bone like osteoporosis
I'm a son of a gun and my pops is more ferocious
Take heed to the warning and try not to approach us
I feel (phil) you on that bullshit it's time to change the coaches
Getting money ain't a hobby, to me its necessary
Scared money don't make money, yeah you extra scary
Ask yourself a question and yeah the answer varies
Do you feel lucky? Mask Jim Carey (ahhhh)
Welcome to Mars, you speaking to the god of war
Beefing over lettuce I guess that makes me an omnivore
Don't get into something I'm sure you didn't sign up for
Clean up crew, and u niggas the final chore
Bring out the broom cause it's a clean sweep
I ain't bluffin it ain't nothin just to get you offed for cheap
Like freddy hope you ready when they catch you in your sleep
Any questions leave a message at the sound of the beep
Father forgive me, I had to send them through
It was either them or me, shiiiiit what was I to do?
And life is such a mystery they should've bought a clue
We was beefing so that chopper had to turn them into stew (I'm out)