La Même Gang - Lemuella (Ft. Kiddblack, KwakuBs, Kwesi Arthur & Rjz) Lyrics

Nuff of the pills
Nuff of the pills we can chill
Love when we smoke in the hills
Love when we float its surreal
Been on the molly quite lately I hate it it's shaky Im prally gon pop
I told myself I've been tripping right after the lsd I'm gonna stop
She mix adonko with molly and acid she said baby we taking shots
I say she crazy this ain't me the next thing I notice see I'm taking shots
Oooh that's a purple hill
Is that shit real?
Playing In the cold tryna cop a feel
Look like magic, copper field
Oh my God I just saw David copperfield
Verse (RJZ) :
Now she be the girl of my dreams
La Même yeah she Fucc with the team
Pull up on the scene with lean
Pew You with the latest beams
Yeah she know molly the remedy
LSD to kick the energy
She pop the Xanax like tic tacs
Let it relax let it kick back
(kitkat, kitkat, kitkat)
She put the lime in the liquor
And now I can't let it go
She makes the dirty get thicker
I'm loosing my steady yo
The Shwazy dey fuck up my vision
I prolly won't let it show
So pass me the bolo
I might a solo
So roll it yo.
Shawty put the jolly rancher in the sprite and she gon pour the codeine in it
Have me feeling like a franchise boy took a pill and we do lean with it
Put the D in it pussy wet as fuck
Always come through with the weed and alcohol
She got me doing shit I said I'd never do
We got so high told her friend to get involved yeah
I was backstage at the motherfucking show had a trip there
She was in the crowd with all her girlfriends had a trip there
When this shit done we gon ride around town get lit yea
We just took one now she tryna leave here and get dick yeah
Verse(Kwesi Arthur):
Lemuella Twinimiiiiiiii
You know you're the one for me
Come lets smoke some trees
Do LSD in the Breeze
Slow down for me
I'm just a newbie
I'll pop one and you'll pop three
Oh I'm tripping already