Lane-Harry - L Plates Lyrics

Put the truth above your neck but you still ain't facing it
Still she ain’t tasting it, but no way im wasting it
I’m having an affair and shes grimshaw tracin it
Slow down boy, im still rapping with my L Plates
Scamming all these bitches, scholarship at wellgates
600 Double D’s and I ain't talking caltrate
Faggot you are microsoft
Motherfucking bill gates
Sleezy you on fire man, Somebody call the fireman
Fucking bitches overseas somebody called FAM damn
This is your fucking jam sam
Worthington, 31
Fuck it I am 17
This verse makes no fucking sense
Thurnis Haley watchu mean?
What I mean? what ive seen?
Christopher nolan’s dreams
Oh I understand, the upper hand
Made some other plans
I give her real taste, promo for burger king
Clowns holding up, this is a mcbulgarly
Kind of a big deal. Ron Burgundy
Not nominated for a Grammy but my speed is 33
Nobody will understand the punchlines that I give
Fuck it, just say YOLO for the kids