Lantern - Revenant Lyrics

You show me Italy in late sixties, winter's time
Catholic belief still struck so deep in your fingers
The priests flogged and conveyed against their thighs, moaning...
Should you attempt to shun and avoid the light, sadism stormed in
Abused, and dry you bled, your dreams in death stayed spawning
Wrath upon the Lord: the son and ghost your lust sees bleed
"Befoul the sabbath of light!"
Force them brightness the way you were forced
Force them the visions you suffered in death; the timelessness since
Expel their god out from your flesh for demons to witness how
The revenant prays at his church
Sleepless one... Your corpse will house your wandering spirit
When the moon... Is waning gibbous, your remnant's they shall dig:
Sunday dawn... A foul wind will clatter
The bones lay hidden within the church soil
Evil spirits turned away for centuries shall again be embraced
To host the cellars, crawl the estates
Join the risen for a sabbath of underworld
"Something's rotten..." the parish may say:
A morbid stench... The draught from cellars swiftly conveys
'cross the halls... The light in the tunnel of darkness shall shed
To divulge the dead spread out at sacrament
...Befoul the sabbath
Falls a sea of light
This space and time
Absorbed by the laws of the other side;
Commence the christenings to the coven of revenant
The wafer and the wine, feces divine, poison healing
Reversed christenings - atone the sins by dying
Confessions of the flesh, intestines and fresh blood
Take one last goodly grasp through the icon glass –
The light will take you to god
Sheep of god... The light will take you
Sheep of god... The light will take you
Where you're dreaming yet your soul's awake
For endless nightmares to feed
Yearning, grief, hatred, true inner darkness
Shall be yours eternally
May your flesh, mind and soul linger for eternities
"Befoul the sabbath of light!"