Laurie Maitland - One Step At A Time Lyrics

You can endure the pain,
And when you reach the summit,
Your losses will be gains.
You can linger at the bottom
With multitudes of men,
But you may stay there forever
And wonder what might have been.
Climb every mountain, search high and low
Ford every stream
Search everywhere, both far and wide
Follow every rainbow as you take it step by step
Until you find your dream
When molehills become mountains
You think you cannot climb,
Remember Everest was conquered
One step at a time.
Each time our faith is tested
By mountains we must climb,
Our mountains become molehills
One step at a time.
Life always offers choices
When troubles come our way,
And molehills become mountains
That will not pass away.
Follow every byway, every path you cross
As you take it one step at a time
Until you find your dream
When the going gets tough, the tough get going
So reach the highest peak until your dream comes true
Repeat Chorus and fade