Letallis - Viridian Lyrics

Captivated by the growth that wraps around my soul
Divine light bleeding through the canopy to guide my way through the maze of trees
Lost in all the overgrowth , I stumbled through a green kingdom unknown
And to my surprise I saw a pair of those beautiful jungle eyes staring back at me
Reminding me of what it means to be free
Overrun by the roots, given history and a piece of truth
I kept my ear to the ground to heartbeat of the earth pound
I feel connected with the world around me
An unbound synergy
Open the sky let the rain wash away
This delicate cycle, mauled by the hands it created so long ago
The kin have killed the growth
Gaia help us see
The wondrous ways of your ancient decree
Our hairline on a map of time, here and gone in the blink of an eye
Taken back to when the green ruled
No worries in the land or creatures to be cruel
I'd come to find this world will rise again
A landscape painted viridian