Lethal Dialect - The Beginning Lyrics

Munitions are bound to cause cartilage carnage
Blacklister's spouses form target practice
Fragmented rounds shot when a mark's established
I plan dispatching units on the street like emergency response
Mathematics equals pennies for my thoughts
With my whole thought process collected on a song
Multiplied by the tracklist and everything im on
Now thats the type of credit that I want
Discussing tactics with old-heads who know best,
See coke debts and code-reds
Made my predecessors fall but they know me I'm better than them all
They say kid 'Dont be around with the loudmouth type
You've a silence so loud it could drown out voices
You tell a person by the people in their circle'
And applying that advice was without a doubt priceless
So many choices but politics in this metropolis
Has got informatives monitoring for the officers who collar them..
Its never who you think so I remain anonymous
Moving through the city of my origin with low-profile
LD50 style,
Keep the key low like the coke price
Being docile on cold nights corrupted my pattern of thoughts, yeah..
Picture how the planets revolve just like a chamber when the hammer is cocked
Robbing the ring's saturn has got
Gimme the ice-caps you have on..
9 planets in a barrel get shot at somebodies son
Murder one..potential stars are lost
Put my mother through that pain well I swear they'll be starting a war
That won't cease 'til the beast himself reveals
Automatic pieces sparkin' them off with fuckin' legions all brandishing swords..
Discussing capers with a homeless bloke
He spoke more sense than the papers tucked in his clothing holes
Heard me spittin' and approached me, told me
'if you focus close then you'll go where your supposed to go''
I've no change I told him but I rolled up some potent smoke
On the street half comatosed..
He spoke knowledge like a scholar in the squalor that raised him
What he spoke was amazing though..check it -
He said ''the God we acknowledge is a fraud
Created by a mortal mason to support his payslip
Conspiracy's a word used to disregard the truth
And your the truth so the odd's are against ye''
Saluted him and left contemplating the conversation
If only one man see's the real..
And this whole congregation's a project wasted?
Well at least thats one I don't need to reach