Lex Garcia - (Day 1) Nice to Meet You Lyrics

Hello nice to meet you
I come offering sequels
To thoughts you haven't had
Here just bought you a bag
Already let the cat out
With my manners of frat house
I wear these excuses
Like open books up my sleeve
Asthmatically foolish
I lie like I breathe
Desperatly while I'm looking, looking for more
But you act like your lungs ain't really that soar
There's rude boys and gentlemen
Catch me in the middle I be settling
With stolen numbers and a rose
Since you kept my slumber I suppose
I can keep your clothes, I mean I can keep you close
We all come with baggage
But it's nice to meet ya
Relation damaged
But it's nice to meet ya
Too much focus on my package
But it's nice to meet ya
Pardon my language
But it's fucking nice to meet ya
[Verse 2]
Sweet nothing whisperer I think I wished for ya
On bottled up hand holding simpery
With a genie looking like a potpourri
Of puzzled love we never see
If it ain't too much to ask
Can I borrow a flask?
With tears you haven't cried yet
Here's evaporated progress
My shyness can't digest the process
Of swallowing its pride which is why
Sometimes... well more times than never
I might stumble upon my words
To find some clever
To call you breathtaking
I can stay silent if preferred
I'm very good at staring