Lil Eazy-E - Coming From Compton Lyrics

He keeps saying my name, that nigga Game gonna be layin' in a coffin
I'm a motherfucking prince of Compton
First and last
Don't make me the first to blast
You're the type I will merk, you laugh
Cause youse a fony
Walk around like you was the homie
Knowin' damn well you was never close 2 E
Jayceon I don't know who the hell you supposed to be
On my block I got homies who can pose to squeeze
And have a motherfucker layin' face down to the streets
Certified G and I didn't have to pay for that
Knowing E brought you all your little fame in rap
I drop sixteen now I'm gettin paid for rap
(He don't write his own raps)
How lame is that
You sound just like a bitch when she start to bleed
You gonna have a nigga trippin' once he spark this weed
The Olde E'keep a nigga straight, fuck that Vodka
Can't waste time dealin' with these punk impostors
Had to holler at the doctor so he know what's poppin
Little E is the name and I'm coming from Compton...
Real recognize real my nigga
Used to be a stripper in the club, cause you ain't no killer
Loc nigga to the death know the set I claim
In the hood homies [?] never said you bang
If I can change a motherfucker in the New Nork minute
You from Compton, but keep puttin' New York in it
I'm a west-coast nigga I get respect from both
The tattoo on your arm is disrespectful loc
Gotta smoke cause this nigga keep working my nerves
I'm a have that butterfly in his face on a curve
Get served try to hit me with a come-back verse
Already known in the streets I'm a come back worse
The truth hurts
And I hate to expose yo homie
Before The Game ya nickname it was dosia homie
He's a phony and a fake can't relate to E
Certified and I'm coming from the C.P.T