Lowtyde - Goldfish (Woah Now) Lyrics

Woah now
It's about to go down
Woah now
Woah now
Things you can't control now
Wait a minute
'Said I'm tired of being a lil fishy
In this lil tank, yea
Swimming through the neighborhood
Just looking to escape, yea
In the driver seat
Look out the window
See a Wraith, yea
Ceilings in my house are low
I'm feeling so contained, yea
Morning rain
For that mourning pain
Spending time on earth
To explore the space
Ignore the pain, ignore the feeling
Ignore the past and you ignore the healing
Screaming to heavens
Like they really finna answer
As somе lightning struck the water
And the fishеs started dancing
Caught that lightning in bottle
Instantly those worried vanished
Wouldn't call it supernatural
But way beyond understanding
When the world is small
The ocean not
You only grow the size of pond
Till atom bomb come falling
And ya world begin to fall apart
I just been living my life
Been living a lie
You live or you die
Live life a goldfish
We just some goldfish
We're just some goldfish
We're just some Gold