Mahatma Crowley - Divination Lyrics

[Verse 1]
They divide nations, put spaces on races
And then map all the places where the people are natives
Shit is heinous, separatist and racist
In a world of xenophobes with feelings so latent
Just be patient, head towards greatness
And keep making records 'til the whole world play it
Lets just say it: we know why they hating
Someone like me is not who they're awaiting
What can we do when we don't fit the mold?
Stories untold from sources so old
Come with three sixteens, all stone cold
You don't like what I'm selling but it still gets sold
I uphold a vision so bold, to challenge what I'm told
And why we fight for the gold
That's just the goal, Bane out the hole
With guidance from the spirits and the wandering souls
Knew it was coming, long before it came
It infiltrated, consumed, and controlled my brain
Everything single thing that the Heavens exclaimed
Told me get up, get out, get the fuck away
We're all doomed the earth shall be maimed
Messages from beyond made me insane
I was so ashamed, they said I'm deranged
And I felt that way 'til the whole world changed
[Verse 2]
The world was hell long before the event
It was time well spent, but I was wasted getting bent
Deep in the drugs, and the girls, and the funds
Every single vice made me come undone
Then on the day I begged the kingdom come
The word came again, the voice from no one
The light shined bright and the song it sung
Said time has come son, run run run
I took a few possessions and all the money that I had
I made the escape with no real plan
Headed up north toward the great white lands
The colder that it got the less I felt mad
My cabin in the woods, it became a retreat
A place of peace where my thoughts could think
On my lone TV I watched it sink
The signal cut off when we reached that brink
Then that night came explosions in the sky
I saw the flames burst and all the cities rise
The only thought that crossed my mind is if I had not left I would have died
Shouldn't that have been my time?
Who are the ones who kept me alive?
As guilt riddled me to the core of my life
The ash rained down like the tears from my eyes