M.anifest - Right Here (Ft. Paapa) Lyrics

M diggidy
[Verse 1: M.anifest]
It's the beginning of my symphony
Tell these lames not to send for me
Tell these prudes not to censor me
Old soul young dude, I paid a lot of dues
I got news, so chaley chaley anchor me
I sang Kilimanjaro, to kill a man's sorrow
Pardon me for painting portraits of self, Frida Kahlo
Yes, I've been depressed before
Still building a musical house with the best decor
Rest assured I no sey dem want test the boy
With juju and agbala but they best avoid
I got an Özil for my arsenal, filling a void
My team's excited, united, no David Moyes
Asimisa si asɛm asi but it's all noise
Can't they see the continent has embraced my voice
Aboa bi bɛka wo aa, na ɛwo wo ntuma mu
Every time I dey free my mind, kanawu
Success leaves enemies where there used to be friends
But no shaking, legend in the making so...
[Hook: Paapa]
If they be asking about me
Tell them
I’ll be, right here
I’ll be, right here
If they be asking about me
Tell them
I’ll be, right here
I’ll be, right here
[Verse 2: M.anifest]
Since I went solo did albums and promo
Local to global the journey's been loco
No no these ho hoes we ain't Baggin, Frodo
Pardon my manners for cussin in slow mo
Frequently flying dunno my miles total
So so inspiring with legends collabo'd
See them conspiring they want me out Gbagbo
Used to have twists and then locks and then santo
Sewed seeds they can't modify, um Monsanto
Man I got plans executing like gallows
Clap clap get standing ovations and bravo
Thank God, Ewurade for G-Mo pianos
Asimasi si asɛm asi, ɛyɛ wahi?
(Me hu M.anifest na ɔgye awards bebree), ɛsɛ w'ani
There's always a Judas in the garden of Gethsemane
My legacy will forever be so…
[Hook: Paapa]
[Bridge: M.anifest]
Chaley tell them say
Tell dem we dey chaley (Apae)
With this joint, ma gye me 3 points (Apae)
Paapa dey sing the hook so (Apae)
G-Mo on the beats off the hook (Apae)
M dɔ dɔ dɔ ti dɔ, wonim sɛ we (Apae)
Some palmie and some Guinness kraa (Apae)
[Hook: Paapa]
[Outro: Efo Mawuli]