M.anifest - Swing Low Lyrics

Sounds nice like this
Swing Low
Hey Hey
[Hook x2]
Swing Low
Sweet chariot
Comin' to carry me home
Carry me home Carry me home
Some suggest M.anifest could do better
But they all know I'm fly like a feather
In stormy weather
I don't fuck with rats or mice
Cuz they eyein' my cheese and my cheddar
Early one day I received a letter
Written by Winnie and signed by Mandela
Like E. badu
They said I was clever
I no be Gentleman
My tribute to Fela
It's a new era for soulful endeavor
Planes fallin' from the sky couldn't give me terror
Earthquakes? whenever
Al-Qaeda? whatever
Fear nobody but God forever and ever
If I die when I go to America
Make sure bring my bones back to Africa
Made in Ghana
Be laid in Ghana
Rest my soul right next to my Grandpa
I've grown leaps and bounds
Developed a new sound
Fully representing Ghana
Now I'm toast of the town
The street's talkin'
Ask who the best around
They say M.anifest
Yup, he wears the crown, ha
As a youngster, I was so profound
Not death nor gravity could hold me down
So when I'm gone
Don't mourn or let your eyes be misty
Regards to the girls that ever loved and kissed me
I know that my homies gon miss me
Senam, mawuli, Kamal, Fataw, all yall that were with me
Console yourself, cause at least I got busy
Held the microphone and then I got dizzy
And Traveled the world really, from Accra to Philly
And never looked that silly like Milli Vanilli
And Express my rages from the pages to the stages
When I'm gone yall should play this
Yeah, but I'm livin' a long-ass time
I'm livin' past 80 for sure
I'm gonna remix this in when I'm 90 or somethin
That would be real dope
[Spoken interlude]