Mariama - Stop Lyrics

The way you think you can
Once you've torn it all apart
How am I supposed to love you then?
If you keep playing with my heart, baby
Just because you think you can
I'm gonna play my part
And make you a lonesome, a lonesome man
One of the most important things to consider about going to an inipi or to a sweat lodge or any of those things, is that they're not ceremonies or rituals in the way that we have been conditioned to know. These things can happen anywhere, anytime, and it's about having that mindset that everything you do - any action - can be a ceremony. When you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night, that's a ceremony. Ceremony, not like this colonial view of ceremony, but ceremony as in taking each day, each moment, with intention. All of that together is a way of being, it's a life, it's a cycle. If we were perfect beings, we wouldn't have things like inipi. You know, there wouldn't be ceremonies to take care of ourselves. There are ceremonies to take care of ourselves because we need them, you know? Because we're not perfect, we're gonna mess up, and we're gonna make mistakes