Marques Monroe - Silly Love Song Lyrics

The bible says it's wrong but you make it feel so right
My baby helped me get my mind right
So now I'm gonna show you love right
Makin' movies all night
You & me
Meet me at the south side
That's where I'll be
Baby we can go hide
Just me, you and nobody
I know the haters keep talking but just let 'em chat
Cause me and you know what it is
So that's that
The opinion of a sheep don't affect a lion
So let 'em keep making up rumours and lying
They're trying there best to dismiss our love, it's bless
Nothing anyone could say could make me love you less
Just the thought of you relieves all of my stress
I've had my fair share but baby your the (best)
I know you like your privacy and I respect that, were each overs property
Accept that
I know your a thug
You wasn't raised too good
Your always good to me, who cares if you've spilt blood
We build each other up
Together we better each over
For me it's been the opposite with any other lover
There's something about you, baby you please me
I really don't need to sound so cheesy but you've made falling in love so damn easy x 2
I see this as my little ode to you
A reminder that even the odour of you
Got me sprung and bugging over you
And the things that you could make me do just for you and... x 2
I've never met a boy like you
We connect I know you feel it too
And you ain't ever met a boy like me
Just be who you are and I'll be who I be
And I ain't ever had a love so strong
We'll make it to the end baby we gon' prove 'em wrong
And I ain't ever wrote a Silly Love Song
But you've got me sprung so my pen games, strong