Masia One - The Hazing Lyrics

I verbal synergist
Lifted gently off the normal, my gift informal speech, I teach tongues to each one tightly corn-rolled
Tomorrow, call your moms or call you auntie, I appeal to those in boxer briefs or tighty whiteys
I light each spot like all I got are 2 lips that lick adjectives from the bottom to the top
My ill rapport follows me, like first world embassies find these weeds are smoking all the trees
My difficulty to appease strangers, my starting line up changed the minute face of industry in steady stages
Don't fucking limit me, I expand an anagram into a sea, sneak a smile to every memory
Can it be known? Each microphone, each cipher unknown I own it
Hear me on radio the callers phone in like: 1-9-9 let me hear Masia One again, spit a dirty verse without a curse, kids on the bone again
I'm owning it, like I know my enemiesMasia One for president in the 2 double 0 three
(Wolves howling)All these eager young men they all draw guns I say come with it
Found a spliff to quickly bun, M One the mighty mighty gifted
Sound sedimentary sidelines as you flow in different ciphers
So elementary to the guidelines of those still around in diapers
Kinda makes you shake, take breaks between blinks and minute takes (TICK)
I gently ask why democrats and demigods should get up off my dick (TICK)
Counter parts nervous, I call in my service I gently ask why heads should scratch a little ways below the surface
Cursive, cursive. Waves break on shorelines, never whore my possession of this gift that grows with every session, every coarse mind aggression release
Tease oh tongue teasing, you a decimal, I a vesicle pleasing
You just a moldy testicle, I make your muthafucking teeth ring
Teaching breathing, your 15 minutes always fleeting
You're running every time I spit my butterflies and bee stings