Mass Murder Messiah - Horrors of War Lyrics

Between two men
Not willing to fight
Their own battles
So they stick two kids
In a uniform
And let them loose
On one and other
Old men in power
With no remorse
Plan out wars
For young men to die in
As main objective
Sentenced to death
For a dollar sign
Sentenced to death
For a dollar sign
But what if the profits of they're war
Was died red in the victims blood
Would they have a guilty Conscience
Would they shedd a tear for the souls we've lost
We must end war
Before war end's us
Stop using men
To do man's worst
There is no pride
There is no glory
An expendable asset
Is all you'll ever be
"When you stop and think about it, your enemy on the battlefield
Is just trying to make a living, trying provide for himself and is familly
What did that person ever do to you? Does he deserve you taking away is life?
He was drilled to believe that you were the most evil person
In the world, the same way they drilled you to think the same exact thing
Now take away the fact that just like you, hes afraid that you might
Pull the trigger, in any other context, would that person ever want to harm you?"
How does one pick up the pieces after such an overwhelming even
Your body can escape a warzone but your mind is stained forever
Even when the war was over, it's impossible to let it go
The glazed look of a dying soldier will haunt you for ever
War is in so many ways, a crime against humanity
Every penny send on a weapon is a crime against a starving child
Billions spent killing our kind when millions die from hunger
Guns, bombs, missiles and warships, all symbols of human failure