Miles Bonny - So Hard Lyrics

Its been so hard
But I'm trying my best
I've been doing so much work that I
I get a pop in my chest when I think about relaxing
I get a migraine in my head, know I gotta get home to you
If I did spend less time at the office, came home complaining
I would get get to spend more time with you
I've been working so hard
But I'm coming home to see you
Been working so hard, and I understand your doubt
You been struggling through our days
When I was away
But I been working so hard just to see you again
Now I got two daughters
Georgia and Luna
Came at the right time, not a little bit sooner
Not to appreciate
What's in front of me
Working so hard
Sometimes its so hard to see
Been so hard
But I did do it for you
And I'm working so hard
But I understand you too
But I understand you too
I wanna understand you too
You've been working so hard
I love you
Thank you
You've been working hard too