MillzySosa - Girl Lyrics

Uh, & I say ooo ahhh
Girl you just make me: crazy
Please do ya'
Feel this way maybe, baby
I knew ya'
Had this thing about you, doubt you? Never
Words ain't much but admit I'm clever
Admit I'm better than all these niggas
Neighbors know my name but don't call me Trigga
You bad like "B" but don't call me Jigga
Call me baby maybe love
Thinking of all these dates for us
Blazing lady, take me up..
Ha, from where you fell
But girl you so hot I don't know if it's heaven or hell
[Hook: MillzySosa]
Girl, girl, girl I need you, you
Girl, girl, girl I need youuuu
Girl, girl, girl I need you, you
Girl, girl.. girl girl girl.. (x2)
[Bridge: MillzySosa]
Baby I need you, love
I'll please you, love
& if we get together i'll never leave you, love
About a billion girls that wanna be you, love
& like 3 billion more but I only see you, love (x2)
[Verse 2: MillzySosa]
Uh, girl you full of beauty, know that you top 5
Body drenched with curves, but she's sharpest in the mind
All I want is her, & all she want is time
With, the kid like a daycare
They stare, cause we hotter than bakeware
Bakeware, keep dough like a bake fair
Or bake off, if our love is a game then we in the playoffs
Work hard for your love & won't take a day off
Rappers all about cash, straight cash: Madoff
But if I got you then I feel paidoff
& if you rep that Pilot Posse too
Girl we can just takeoff
[Hook: MillzySosa]
[Bridge: MillzySosa]