Mind And Separation - Grief Lyrics

Without you with me
So I hope
That God will open heavens doors
And that I'm greeted
By your smile
That warms my insides
And makes me feel alive
I wanna see the end
And this life has been hell
And I've been grieving
Since the day
You went to a better place
My heart is broken
And I've lost
All the love
I had left
To give
And I can't go on
I'm a shadow of my former self
And I hate
What I've become
I used to be
So full of life
Now I'm nothing
Just a shadow
Of who I used to be
I drown myself
In alcohol
To forget the pain
Why did God
Have to take her away
Why does God
Want to punish me for nothing
I miss holding her hand
This old man will never learn to love again
I changed my way
Since the day I saw her face
And this is how
I'm repaid
God are you listening to me?
Take away my pain
Before I take it to my own hands
I put the bullet into the gun
My hand starts to shake
Not because I'm scared
Death is a small price to pay to see you again
I pull the trigger
With a smile on my face
And as my life fades away everything becomes clear to me
This world's to hard for me to live in peace